Diabetes Education at The Mayer Institute

Diabetic education involves not only knowing your blood sugar levels but also the mechanism of damage of diabetes as well as ways in which you can prevent ongoing damage. As you can imagine, this is not a onetime event. A good understanding of your diabetes requires ongoing, repetitive education that is present to you in a way that you can understand. It is not reasonable for us to assume that you will assimilate and comprehend all of this information on the first visit. It is for this reason that we work tirelessly to repeatedly, deliver a message that is understandable by everyone. On your regular visits to the Mayer Institute you will receive education about:

• Documenting discussing the importance and implication of diabetic targets
• The pathophysiology of diabetes and the mechanism of damage to the many organs
• Diet
• Exercise
• A review of medications and an explanation of the mechanism of action of these drugs
• Preventative diabetic foot care

Advanced Wound Care

If you develop a wound in your foot you will receive advanced diabetic wound care from our trained team members. This involves expert wound assessment, surgical debridement to remove any dead or devitalized tissue around the open sore. The surgical debridement may be done using curette, scalpel or the latest in debridement technology, the Soring, Ultrasonic Wound Debridement system. The wound will be measured, photographed and classified according to the University of Texas wound classification system. All of this information will be entered into the TMI Wound Database. An advanced wound dressing will be applied to the wound and a detailed care plan will be immediately faxed to the CCAC Wound Care Team so that wound care can be commenced immediately at your home or at one of the CCAC wound clinic located around the city.

The mainstay of diabetic wound care is, first and foremost, offloading, that is, taking the pressure off of the wound. To do this we have a variety of offloading devices, from the latest in diabetic removable cast walkers (Aircast Boot or DH Walker) as well as the TLC-RAMM offloading scooter, Darco postop as forefoot and rear foot offloading shoes. Our team members are well trained in the application of the gold standard for diabetic wound care, the total contact cast. We also may recommend made-to-measure compression socks to control the swelling associated with your wound. Finally, when the wound is finally healed, custom fabricated orthotics may be recommended. We will be able to make a custom mold of your feet using either 3-D laser scanning or plaster casting, in order to fabricate the molds for the orthotic device.

Diamond Diabetic Clinic (DDC)

The TMI-DDC is the newest addition to The Mayer Institute. It is a rapid access diabetes and insulin clinic, designed to smooth the transition from oral medications to insulin as well as educate patients in comfortable surroundings. It is clear that insulin therapy is something that is feared by most diabetics but our diabetic education nurse, Sherry Kearsley, will not only dispel any fears you may have but will also instill a sense of excitement about regaining control over this devastating disease. This type of clinic is a first in Hamilton and one that we are very proud of. It is vitally important that all of our patients have their diabetic targets optimized and insulin therapy is an integral part in achieving that goal. We do not feel that it is appropriate for patients who are not at target, with regards to their glycemic control, to wait many months to get into see the overworked endocrinologists in town. You need care now and the TMI-DDC is here to deliver that for you!

The Multidisciplinary Wound Team

Dr. Mayer works closely with a multidisciplinary team that are experts in various fields associated with diabetic care. These include vascular surgery, radiology, endocrinology, infectious disease, dermatology, plastic surgery as well as orthotists, pedorthists and master shoemakers. All of these specialists work closely with Dr. Mayer and are readily available for consultation when the need arises.

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